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It is rare indeed that the morphine addict can discontinue
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some other evident cause for the blood exists, as a superficial ulcer or
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after the paroxysms. 4. The general condition of the patient in the intervals
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Herman reports at the London Hospital {British Medical Journal, March
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Fig. 7. An amylenic nerve trunk from the same preparation as Fig. 6.
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with the least possible sacrifice of healthy tissue. In caseating cases which
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The great attention paid of recent years in this country, to patholog-
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and "specific" trouble than this would bear out. Attention is
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the foul smell corrected." — Boston Medical and SurgicalJoumal, Jan. 30, 1390.
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other infectious diseases, the cause is unknown, and the therapy must there-
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compels me to believe." Then he recites one case where a fissured
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nomenclature which had been adopted is again being disturbed, since
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others in private practice. Among these was one which, when it first
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to joint trauma developed local tuberculous lesions ; while those
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with patches or areas of bronchial respiration, and bronchophony). Then
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opposed in all countries from 1769 down to almost a century later (1867)
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The uterine trismus was relieved by injections of morphine and the use of
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and involving portions of the lung substance. He thinks the bacilli settle
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After discussing the mental disorder observed in ordinary chorea of
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of Kader, the stomach being held up to the abdominal wall on
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the virulence of the sputum. The results showed that, as compared with milk,
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simple and benign new formations. Though possessing no malignancy,
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bring a large amount of fatigue products into his circulation, and
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Editors Mathews' Quarterly Journal, Box 434, Louisville, KV*
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should follow as nearly as possible the right edge of the rectus muscle, and
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ments and half truths are a characteristic method of propaganda in
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cause he had experienced an excessive hemorrhage from the
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toes was very marked. The patient was well again in ten days.