eral meeting shall be presided over by the visory Council, and otherwise, give diligent
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scribed. In the heart there are usually epi- and endocardial
was spoken of by Dr. Ames in connection with the dose or not ;
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in the same direction. On the other hand, those who are satis-
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Bacillus tetaiii is found in the soil. It has been found in
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concentrated tincture of gelsemium is issued, together with
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mation from the second to the sixth day, jg ^^g of so great interest and importance
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Treatment of Croup. — Dr. Fordyce Barker, after defining
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facilities for scientific work. Thus far but the hospital should be assigned to these
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It stealthily saps the vitality and soon robs your starved patients of a
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The cod liver oil prepared in this way looks like a jelly, and can be swal-
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nor does he definitely state that the hook- toes and fingers, and under the toe nails
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the details of several cases of delirium tremens in which some-
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to produce a difficulty in voiding the urine ; but well fomenting the
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years, respecting the treatment of acute internal inflannnations.
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1 It ma}^ here be remarked, that for Kerner it was requisite to re-examine, on
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of the Charlotte Medical Journal may be- from the fact that it absorbs many of the
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neuroses; (3) the condition of shock-collapse, whether from
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be considered under the three heads of cauterization, dilatation,
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tococci in the lesions can be quite as easily explained on the
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Treatment, by Wm.Redin Therapeutics, by Solo- apeutics, by .lohn W. Fife. 123
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are strictly medical and conspire to the tion. He said that the physicians in the
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of seeing a case, such as I believed to be genuine and unmistaka-
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3. Cases where either in addition to, or po.ssibly in the
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In cases of the so-called rheumatic gout, whether the textures
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with Turban, who says that 97 per cent, sote has its place in the therapeutics of this
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principles, which can not be made artificially from plants nor extracted
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expectorants in combination with sedatives cism" for further relief he eventually be-
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as the cavity of the body of the womb ; and in affecting this, I
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jected to the same conditions are attacked at the same time,
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Oesteopaths — patients and students who much submerged element of the State in
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strate that such is not the case. The conveyance of the milk from the
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of some good old lady, a blister was applied, in my absence, to the
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as, for instance, the pressure in the arterial system, the influence
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previously unpublished, and which brings up his total of
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has not duly considered all the things that are inseparable from travel, and of the de-
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can be assumed, and the more advanced the as to hours for sleep, as to dress, and as to
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enough to pass the signoid flexure and com- lism phlebitis following intravenous injec-
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burning of Pruritus Ani, Pruritus Vulvae, Proctitis, Itching and Inflamed
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and his right hand remained very feeble. He was blind in both
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pheric parts. On the second hand, the same paralysis causes au
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tion, but the\- are not always so clearly marked. Differences
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tem, distemper assumes a protracted course and is frequently