food in the duodenum as inhibitors to the muscles as-
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of any kind. He dined at the usual hour with the rest
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upon the metabolism of the system ; while, if such com-
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between the dermis and the muscle, a variable amount of fatty tissue
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the children must be considered. Anti-syphilitic treat-
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nation not only of the normal excreta of the metabolism but
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age. Esquirol^ relates the case of a child, aged four years, in whom
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who was liable to epileptic fits used frequently to come to the hospital to
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considered simply as the result of some preexisting cause ; and
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parts of the body may persist for a long time, together with various
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Salol is decomposed by the pancreatic juice into salicylic
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panied b}' a more or less transitory erythema, resembling, except
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ish workers did not speak of either method with the
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ing diet and — if the weather will allow of it — cold bathing. The
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reveries as the above-cited passage contains — relative to miasms, conta-
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are the best. If it is thrombosis in the young, then mer-
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thing new. He gives, at length, M. Foy's analysis both of
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until the fluid that issues, as seen through the glass tube, is no longer
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altogether- different in its nature, complications and terminations ; and though techni-
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Billroth has in every case drawn out the vessel from one to
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and terminated by three umbils with numerous yellow-
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the lack. Starting with a basal ration of hay and a small amount (400
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but accompanies the portal vessels occupying the interlobular spaces,
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Abyssinia also furnished atopic for the Ethnological Society
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the expectant plan ; at the same time, however, they would not
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bowels, and a full emesis of bile and other matter from the stomach.
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steadily to recovery in the face of so much injurious treatment.
tain time when the i^apule is resorbed, and it leaves usually beneath
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salads, cabbage, coffee, turnips, sour wines, hot drinks,
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infected was obtained, and after examination of her
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symptoms. The resonance on percussion is not diminished in capillary
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(C. E.) Un case de oftalmia simpAtica, treinta aiios des-
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manipulation and dissection, the whole superior maxilla and
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appearance, and, indeed, they were long mistaken for worms.
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One of the speakers to-night mentioned the mentality of the
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a crown-piece. The giant chancre is very rare on the genital organs. It is
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lege of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago; Clinical
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any form of fever. A great deal has been written lately
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gative results of the dissection. In this class we include hydrocy-
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such history. The constitutional symptoms all j)ointed to the
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liness, the free use of the commonest and most indispensable of God's gifts, air
employment of two short circulars and a few letters of explana-
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We prescribe daily at the commencement of the two chief meals a teaspoonful of
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He has also had a short dry cough, but only for a few weeks past, and unaccom-
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by these apertures ; but all the parts of the body be-
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Vhen prescribing, specify which of the above is wanted.
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mucose of a fibroid uterus may become carcinomatous.^
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is certainly not tenable in view of the fact that, of the two acts of respin>