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Dr. John W. Dryer, of Reedsburg, died oh Oct. 8th, of laryngeal and

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5. — II. Stembo reports a typical case of pseudomuscular

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Richard Dunglison, in erecting this literary monument to-

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that they were rather acute paroxysms of a chronic disease than attacks

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Mr. Cones) says that when he was engaged in the dissection of

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" Yersin, Calmette, and Borrel have shown that intravenous, intra-

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taken from the Foreign Review, IS o. 6, for April, 18-29. 'I'he subject

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3,750,000 per cubic millimetre. The ha>moglobin was 90 per cent., and on

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ally, have often restored swollen, painful, and stifiTjoints, in a few weeks,

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fested by nausea, vomiting and epigastric distress. As a matter of fact these symp-

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