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the Royal Hospital upon December 9th, 1897, having been previously
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been proved to be occasioned by low forms of vegetable life, in some of which
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distension in the epigastric region, which the full use of
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vessels he does not consider of etiological importance, nor does he
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I found him with his play-fellows, enjoying their sports with as much zest as
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Department of Pediatrics, University of Connecticut School of Medicine
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was 37 per cent.; on the 21st, 38 per cent., and on the 26th, 34 per cent. The
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finished the day." — Mohjneaux Correspondence, Dublin University Magazine,
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and scirrhus, but nevertheless decidedly differ frotfi
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depends to a large extent on the age of the patient. The facts may
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posed to be doing finely, when all at once, about the
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" If these points are established, the use of iron salts in a solution suffi-
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In the month of January there were about 1500 persons inoculated by
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therefore, received about one-quarter to one-third of the entire extract obtained
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the instant relief so characteristic of tlie affection.
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The exciting causes are — ^first, local irritants which act upon the
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uniform half-coagulated mass, generally of a livid or darker color
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classical treatises on medicine, chemistry, botany, etc.,
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duction of menstruation, is the correct one. I believe
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to neurotic conditions was due in others to the faulty position of the
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on these views, introduced the consideration of the
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thus removed being measured by the product of the amount of water
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In weighing a body we simply balance the force it exerts by
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any skeptic who chooses to do so can verify them for himself
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proper m asures to restore to the bio id the normal amount of the white
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In Park's series of 5,611 cases examined, true diphtheria bacilli were
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shown the deathly chill upon our climate of the cold Arctic
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in 109 cases the bronchial nodes (in one case also the cervical nodes). To
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excised a section of this growth and submitted it to
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January 6, 1893, aged seventy-one, widowed, nativity