as the second or third day of the attack, or may be delayed to the end of
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disease. The hypertbyroidization theory of exophthalmic
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with water, and then placed in a one-per-cent. solution
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123. — Poulet (V.) Du strophantus (hispidus?) <1an3 la
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principle on which it was based was the obliteration of the
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having been laid before the judge in Chancery, with certain other facts as to
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Every degree of acuteness of inflammation of the matrix may be met
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degree of deafness and tinnitus. Appearances of the
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hydrate is raised. If he could take 500 calories over and above the basal
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affected with sclerodermia. For some days before the attack of
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continued to look ana'inic for a long time after the resumption of the normal
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practitioner in Canada and the United States generally recog-
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or other changes. On the second day after the operation
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purpui-ic blotches appear on various parts of the body, which some-
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low the excitement of the prickly heat. The fact, too,
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the extent of the depression. The clot was thoroughly cleaned away,
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tion of the importance of his speciality was recognized by all gastroenter-
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Case VIII. — ^Malignant cholera. Salino-alcoholic injection |xl.
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of the eye, both internal and external, except those supplied by the
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elect officers for the ensuing year, which resulted in the election
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fomentations, are preferable. "With the reduction of inflam-
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common in the right lung and frequently cause marked bulging over the base.
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few scattered hairs or bristles on the body, and at the tip is a pair of cor-
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division of epilepsies into idiopathic (centric) and sympathic.
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begin. But here is a stage at which the best of experience and
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ation is rarely accompanied by a fibrinous exudation. Lobular pneumonia is
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alisent much of the time, and when present is but slight.
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Held, That the obligation to lay the new drain was a "duty imposed
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Sweating I regard as a symptom of weakness, and therefore as a com-
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The towns of Princeton, Brooklyn and Marquette have the