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By a unanimous vote, Dr. George Logan, of Ottawa, Canada,

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Case lxiv. — Simple p)neumonia of left, pleurisy of right

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came under his own observation. According to Haeser

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more or less contaminated with tetanus. The bacilli, however, do not

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of steam, or of ipecacuanha wine, diluted with thrice its bulk of water, may

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the evening, she became very hot, dry and restless, with pains in the

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again from 1974 to 1977. He was Chairman of the Pew Loan Fund

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vascular tension in the diseased tissues, which is illustrated by the nocturnal

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The firfl fet of experiments which I performed were upon

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numbers of the Diplococcus pneumoniae of Fraenkel and

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glucose values of the other protein foods. On these grounds they are

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too big. I admit it, but the fact is, there are too

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has generally been supposed to be its chief characteristic ; but there are

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suit that demand. We have ah-eady made that demand, and it will never do for us, if the

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practice amongst almost every variety of the human race. Many

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All this is explained on the principles of re^action^ — a principle so

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either sex after thirty years of age is accidental and not to be

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of it, and frequently gave out to different patients two gallons a day.

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the ileum from the point of attachment of the diverticulum to the

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charges and collapse, it was ascertained that there was a considerable augmen-

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Remarks. — Until quite recently practically nothing has

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The affairs of quarantine are administered by a quarantine commis-

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of the scalp and arms of varying degrees of severity- Up to

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formaldehyde, or similar agent. These may be administered internally or

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tioned silver nitrate in aqueous solution (from one to ten per cent).

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tion. About the same time (1875) Tyndall exposed 27 flasks contain-

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of Professor Wolff — cases freshly treated, which had