5. The report for the fiscal year ending with the month of November, 1852,
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Dr. Richard S. O'Connell, Cato, Manitowoc Co., graduate of Albany
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The Journal. Twenty-two physicians died between the
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of steam, or of ipecacuanha wine, diluted with thrice its bulk of water, may
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Wegelin, C. : Die Schilddruse. In Henke, F., and Lubarsch,
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tissues. Sometimes, however, as seems to have been shown by
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They embody the results of ten years' practice in the Eye
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The President and Secretary have duly considered the plan of
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Twenty to twenty-five days after the preliminary inoculation,
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William Gordon Woodrow Sanders, M.B., F.R.C.P. Ed., Caen
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unusually developed in consequence of the absence of the colour sense —
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c£ some eminence, in Sackville-street, was brother to Sir Charles Young,
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profound derangement of the nervous system, and a peculiar eruption