disposition from hereditary or otlier causes. In this instance the Medical

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from the physiological side, i. e., he observed changes in

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Par . 1888. X 1025 - 1038. - Vircliow (H) Der Muskel-

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fallen into greater and greater disuse, yet in rare cases this

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others, all of which succumbed, the animal had been brought

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again. This second, diastolic murmur is caused by the diastolic reflux of blood

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he same hour, the profuse sweating, and other circumstances so

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Internal medication should be minimized. Symptoms, as vomiting cf

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ยง " Archives Gtntrales de Mtdecine, Octobre, 1835.

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place of 30,000 as stated in the text, and according to the num-

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of a dark red, almost purple, colour, and the whole of the shaft of the

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cease a good deal tiie morbid vigilance, but remain

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cultivated. They were short, motile, and often appeared in chains.

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favourable to the continuance of sepsis and the extension thereof,

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and Practice of Surgery ; E. P. Eraser, M. D. (Dean), Dis-

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Both in the white race and in the negro race, the disease was most fatal in the months

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Hoover, A. M. Sigmund, J. D. F. Lever, Dr. J. S. Zorns, Dr. A.

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an equal volume of 1 : 40 carbolic-acid solution, [dr.]

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teric fever in Quelta dining the year 1896. Army M.

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authentic record of the operation of blood-letting.

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The first may result from either a morbid condition of the

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Examination of May, 1910, who reported on the standards

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sensibility. Both Friedreich and Erb speak positively about this. Again,

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stomach they excite ; hence the severity and long duration of the

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time was apparently healthy. Several days later the lat-

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