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cellula e celluld (cpigenesis). Where homologous repair is absent, the

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portance of careful study, and such careful study is well worth

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ington 12, D. C. It should be stored in the dark at room

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fluid cardiolipin complement-fixation tests, may be

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protection, immunity continuing without a concomitant antitoxic power of the

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producing spore-forming, nonmotile bacillus that pro-

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original clinical material. The forms of the fungi seen in

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sterilized in a cotton-plugged test tube. The dilution

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must be performed under singularly unfavorable conditions, and

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fibrous tissue may appear as the result of atrophy (cirrhosis of the liver, senile

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an infiltration with leucocytes. The patch becomes pinkish in colour,

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For this purpose the better procedure would be to recalculate

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dia and auricular fibrillation. A striking point in the clinical

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Clinic of Dr. T. Crier Miller. University Hospital ^^^^

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because the quantity of protective substances consumed with the milk is

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outer side, the loss of vision is usually total. The most favorable

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from them, but the B. coli communis is often also present.

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nearly three hundred criminals descended from one wicked

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The temperature has always been normal in the morning,

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pendence of spirit on the part of the late professor, it may be looked at, however,

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prevent hemolysis, and separate the serum or plasma

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and medicine. Breathing loud and labored ; choking sounds in

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raised by prophylactic injections of various solutions ; these appearing to react

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the toxine and the tissues becomes firmer, more and more antitoxine is

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c. Protection Against Mechanical Change. This protec-

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tain 4 units in 0.25 ml. This will be % the highest dilution of

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(1) Emulsify a small bit of representative feces about the

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which gives the initial hnmunity. In some infective fevers complete immunity

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weighed, quantitatively transferred to a volumetric flask, dis-

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agent, keep the flask closed in order to prevent ab-

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so favorable as in the cases where sepsis is not present.

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ever he saith." These are the words of Jesus, whose authority

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ment of their nuclei should aid in differentiating them.

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these diplomas, especially with the odium resting on them at the

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blood. A convenient method of collecting oxalated blood, as for