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slack, with the result that the ovaries and tubes easily become prolapsed
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resulted from the use of uranium nitrate in rabbits. Consequently,
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quently they are traversed by bands of pulmonary tissue, containing blood-
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not only pass through the finest ramification of the capillary
Urticaire dans le cours d'uu 6rysipele. Ann. de la Poli-
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by E. O. Shakespeare, M. D., Pathologist and Ophthalmic Surgeon to Philadelphia
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pupils, as to equality, dilatation, or contraction, the odor of the breath, the
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N. J., so that the labor supply is the same in both cases. All
LAKE MICHIGAN: Theodore Dettweiler, District Adm., 1181
disease. Tr. South Car. M. Ass., CharlesUui, 1885, 137-
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above the liver towards its thick end ; no tenderness on pressure or