taken as a dose, to be repeated in three-quarters of an
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make in a few minutes an accurate diagnosis of typhoid fever.
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have complained of pain in his leg ; he was able to go to school in the
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black urine, due, he l)elieved, to the absorption of
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infection may or may not be obtainable and the disease may manifest
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St. Thomas Union.— XVm. John Land, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S.A., to the
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Exciting: Very little known except that it is acute infec-
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in relation to a hypothetical case put by Mr. Scoville, were you
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action of the gastric ferments, rendering the curd hard and
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most typical ; there is undulatory pulsation in cases of marked
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Poor-law Medical 0JL-er3 as Medical Officers of Health. — Wo would respect-
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TABLE 13. — Urine Volume. Quoted from Rahel Hirsch (Oppenheimer) *
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engaged in the ordinary practice of Medical art ought to seek
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constituted three perfectly distinct classes of cases, and
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that the poisoners went from door to door and blew the infec-
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way of diverting the patient from the main issue. Opium still holds
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patients requiring hospital treatment has been steadily increasing. To
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Arthur, W. H., Pirst Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. —
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in respect to the latter the gummous lymphomata are
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Hospital, Philadelphia, June 17 at 4:00 p.m. Howard W. Jones, Jr., M.D., Professor
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House of Commons to help us. I must say I dissent alto-
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master the subject, such manuals as the present have
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bore up against this, resigning his delights of teaching,
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of operation, showing gauze packed in a Mikulicz hag
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ject of sepsis. I will endeavor, therefore, immediately upon the positive diag-nosis of
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ulation may occur prematurely in the small endoglobular amoebae
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normal antral mucosa and normal endoscopic findings
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of its movements, being reduced to a permanent state of apparent drunkenness.
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is used in the atti-ibutive sense. Although custom has hal-
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performed in the early part of this series when the writer
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gently at work. The easier and more mechanical that
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due to the coincidence of the causes proper to each.
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decreased resiliency of the lung can interfere with expiratory contrac-
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Paratartaric acid and its salts, substances isomeric with the tartaric com-
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was quickly carried to the hospital and subjected to