shrink even to its normal size ; much less | features of the two diseases, which will af-
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eral salt; hence the necessity for rinsing the mouth fre-
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— The Westminster Medical Society, in England, numbers about 1200
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Thomas Callaway, F.R. C. S. Demonstrator of Anatomy to Guy's Hos-
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phonal, Homoeopathically Considered," by Dr. H. Percy Jenks,
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Vhen prescribing, specify which of the above is wanted.
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oxides, as the fat and the jellies of the membranes,
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-which we have now specially to consider is that which originates within
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marked constitutional reaction. In previous years one reaction
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membranes. It seems, however, that an extreme measure of dis-
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At about four weeks from the date of the operation upon the
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previously tried methylene blue and asaprol. He obtained his
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Norsk Mag. f. LiPgeviib, Christiania, 1870, 2. R.,
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had but little complaint of pain after using a five- or ten-
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only not decreased in amount, but sometimes exist even in increased
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a dose, the powerful effects produced by it, and the subsequent ill
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The passage has puzzled all the commentators, but we think it
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in force. A similar irregularity and inequality of the respiratory movements,
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S :>, many instances could be given where the operation
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the cardiac functions ; it is partly a form of dyspnoea and
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Mr. Newport, in the spring of 1834, (Lectures, Lancet, February 3d, 1838, p. 650, idemoirs on
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badoes and hepatic aloes are regarded as rather more
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donor. Before being affixed to the canulse, the tube is filled with warm
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asked ; but there is no reason to suppose that they
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ment of a w nmd is purely surgical ; that of an ulcer
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