of even a fatal character. In any case, the character of the

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P. A. Surgeon T. C. Craig, detached from the "Marion," pro-

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be found in Great Britain no more. This, I suspect, has been

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leaving aside this hypothesis, are the facts for and against the malarial

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The writer observes that enlargement of the glands may serve

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first is the question of prevention which evidently should always be

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dangerous during pregnancy, or to lead to abortion.

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wounded, their opinion being that as the ancients treated them

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superficial hemorrhages and necrosis were occasionally visible, but

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ened by blepharoraphy. Dr Kaurin frequently performs this ; he

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in far advanced cases of supratentorial disease than were those of

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KUSSMAUL. "Disturbances of Speech," von Ziemssen's Cyclopaedia of Medicine

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cases in the wards of the hospital (hiring 1882. Abstr.

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of Mr. Marcus Beck completely coincided with my own on the

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with an organic mitral stenosis must be very difficult. Certainly such a functional

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one which has been furnished us in the building up of

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menting the mass of intestinal contents. Glauber's salt is

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from pulmonary tuberculosis, and from manometric tests of the effect

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blocking up those passages in apoplexy, is not a matter of spec-

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defects it is sometimes possible by making large exposure

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and pulmonary diseases generally. The leaves, seeds and

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give it in this place on account of the importance of the diagnosis between

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•takes an intermediate form between these two extremes. The fever process,

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No difficulty was anticipated in taking the small black whale (the physeter

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.sort. Arcli. geu. de med.. Par., 1895, ii, 310; 414; 541;

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is contraction of the intercostal muscles ; and I am certain of getting fluid only

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tion was proposed and adopted, to be called the " Association

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spasm, well described (Case III., p. 5C). The author correctly appreciates the sig-

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Jones, John F., contract surgeon, leave granted July 25 Is extended

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in the Maine Medical School for about fourteen years, and

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that this condition was due to bio-chemical, not to mechanical ciiange.s.

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floor. Then he can usually proceed, though never without the support