1 Consult Milne, Jour. Path, and Baderiol., Cambridge, 1909, xiii, 362.
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down that, when the gall-bladder is distended and there is coincident
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many practitioners resort to it oftener than others.
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As a local application, and counter-irritant, applied freely along the spine, Chloroform
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little superior to a stump ; a very absurd assertion, only to be
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designated Duerssen and Machenroth., and J. W'hithridge Wil-
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"Within a few years past in the Journals and among the profession
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not lose valuable time, by waiting a certain given number of
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The house took up the report of the committee on petitions, on the
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groups of cases, and, owing to certain points in connection with the
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be utilized so as to use the proper remedial drug —
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head of the os magnum. Attached to the lunar by fibrous
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free of charge to members of the Association. See "Association Notes" in The Med-
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; gether below the level of the water — air can no longer enter into the lungs :
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perfect. The acute infections of the gall-bladder, for
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iodine, 27 per cent, and chlorine, 7.5 per cent, organically combined
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uric-acid elimination does not exceed the normal. The re-
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immediate relief of the stenosis following the introduction
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lobe containing an abscess the size of a head at term.
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We think this the right position for the journals and practitioners of
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Ixv, 46-50.— Jnra.<iz (A.) Ueber die Sondiruna; der.-iii n-
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the teeth of the lower jaw to press firmly against those which had been dis-
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after his arrival in \'ienna he was consulted by an invalid,
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from phymatiasis, because the afSux of venous blood to the lungs
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When this was accomplished, it was found impracticable to in-
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Cincinnati, died on July ist, at the age of fifty-seven
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to the namino^ of three beds at Bellahouston. A further sum
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a civic duty. In 1895, when Mr. Asquith was Home Secre-
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rubber tube was introduced with iodoform gauze packed
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R,-I„w,n tn H;.u,uL.-ln wounds the virulence of the organism varies,
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Of the ten cases of death after operation, the histories
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the opinion of Dr. MacEwen, who holds that the bowing inward of the
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found, that frequently, in these burns it is not best to
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tubercle bacilli in purulent discharge from the middle ear in
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sedative is at work, the worst will be got over, if the vomiting be not
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after it has commenced — the early disposition to rapid drying. Hence,
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