December, 9 cases, 3 recovered, 6 died; in January, 17 cases, 5 recov-

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ence to the certificate of birth will avail little, if indeed it be worth

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a history of excessive use of tobacco as the sole predis-

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This shows that the primary loss of sediment was very slight and even

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wards reduced, and the patient left the hospital practically free

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saturated it tends to form the nucleus of a stone by itself; while if it is

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more in cases treated with calomel, a considerable shortening of

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Small amounts of blood and occult bleeding are more common. When

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Usually the fifth toe is affected, but in about lo per cent, of cases

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In the cases of adipose deposit more particularly asso-

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is our best means of prophylaxis, yet to restore the vitality of the lung

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a voyage (probably from Sicily) to visit the Court of

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The pure acid preserves, better than other tubercle-poisons,

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into the stomachs of more reputable parties, at shorter intervals

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these cells it loses its sheath and white covering, becoming thus reduced to the single

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The style of writing adapts the volume perfectly to the

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Mr. Mac tush's Objections to his Theory of Sleep. 15

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terior of the nerve. It is, therefore, evident that this distribu-