well marked from the commencement. In the subacute the sym])-
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shape of a lima bean, called condyles which articulate with the first
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imparts a brown or smoky hue, and it is probable that many of the black
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the joints. Hence the term passed into the different European lan-
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tions are often closely related, and in certain cases it may be difficult
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life serious endocardial lesions may date from an attack of rheuma-
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The treatment consists in frequent bathing of the parts with cleans-
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action of the bile constituents in the circulation upon the renal epithelhim.
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the temperature and fever correspond to this septic condition. The
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bringing into notice the acquirements and talent of
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front of the neck and subscapular fossa. The margins of this socket
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a resultant part. To consider the latter as a separate feature is a distortion
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joint, and it is thus that they are developed uj)on the ear, the nose,
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during hot weather. When it drools, protect the chest by bibs, and
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laro-e enough to completely obstruct it and prevent the entrance
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advancing with rapid steps to the grave, and the further belief that
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Certain irritating substances favor its development.
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Arthritis is among the most conspicuous manifestations of certain
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of urea and uric acid. If the amount of muscular exercise be reduced
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tively we give it rest, and its function is in abeyance till the inflam-
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gastric crisis of tabes dorsalis, or in chronic alcoholism, or in periph-
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it prevails alike among rich and poor, temperate and gluttonous, in-
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of the heart are affected, but we cannot say to what extent they have
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the risers of the platforms ; and the air escapes, by
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natural, and the baby can do no more natural thing than to sleep.
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number of elderlj- people find their joints gradually stiffened and
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lie believes tliat the irritation caused by the excrementitious sub-
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Bibliographies and reports of cases will be found in the following articles :
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ality made arrangements for that purpose." The hour
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aliling them to transport and to discharge in a soluble state the uric-
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the farm and its buildings included if sold would bring. A few of the
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the formation of uric acid is assumed to take xDlace at a rate that is
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There are certain forms of muscular atrophy consecutive to dis-
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whole lump of diseased tissue forms a dry, gangrenous slough. The
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