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laris remains pervious, the pus finds its way outward through
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early in the disease. Attacks of pain from the passage of blood clots are
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demonstrated. The other territories destitute of coronal fibres are rich
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Crithidia fascicidata; at first like a grain of corn in appearance, it
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efit of as long as 100 days of posthospital “extended care.”
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adjudged to be an habitual drunkard shall be put under
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the same process is repeated before the second operation. Eehr
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quent growth of the plants. His lordship suggested that the
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Some flatulence ; the appetite good ; bowels regular.
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left eye is drawn violently toward the nose by clonic
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well as coca, mate and alcohol, have been regarded as para^
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diphenoxylate hydrochloride with atropine sulfate (lomotil)
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osteopathic and surgical treatment of suitable cases. The students are given
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there is no longer any value attached to them as anti-cancerous reme-
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cliol. Ass. 189.5, Utica, N. T., 1896. ii, 246-248.
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descence, or whether it depends on the presence of other pa-
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and then lay quietly, and the temperature of her body had diminished
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L.R.C.P. Lond., M.B., B.C.Cantab.; David Campbell Suttie, M.B.,
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interior was discovered to be soft, and of a creamy consistence at
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would bring no reaction ; heat also failed to stimulate cir-
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developed, which in preliminaiy clinical trials, showed considerable promise.
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the normal thickness ; the left aryteno-epiglottic fold was enor-
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animal recently delivered causes disappearance of sugar from
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pain and other symptoms; tonsilitis and cardiac mur-
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generalization and sheds much light on a puzzling class of mental
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diphenoxylate-atropine (lomotil) 2.5-0.025 mg per tablet
or coitiplete loss of consciousness, muscle incoordination, lack of
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from phymatiasis, because the afSux of venous blood to the lungs
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the blood picture of an aplastic pernicious anaemia. Nucleated reds are rarely
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The authors have thoroughly succeeded in their objects. The
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The general excellence of our University men at the intercollegiate
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like a horn projecting from the forehead. This horn is
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manner. In psoriasis sometimes sea-bathing was of far more
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observed that the skin over the neck, withers, &c. becomes
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is when I am out of tune myself. So now, when I find myself
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authorities, can produce a tonic effect upon the uterus or its blood-vessels
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an invading host, and, like such an enemy, was to be op-
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paired or lost, and in some cases nausea and vomiting occur ; pain in the