with a preceptor in lieu of a year's college course.
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ation for the removal of adenoids, the patient should remain
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hand, suspicion has for a considerable time existed
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Sumat coclil. ij. ad iv. bis, ter, quaterve quotidie.
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manage affairs, what are the acts which indicate unsoundness or incompetency ?
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nent symptoms appeared later, it would likely have gone to record under
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retract, and hemorrhage will continue ; another serious objection
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going on very well till the evening of the fifth day, when she had a
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framaxillary, general thickening of the bones of the skull with coii»
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Biology. — The bacilli can be grown on culture-media, but not willw*
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sacrificial offering of self, he plunges into the treatment of an
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he has seen diminution in the pains, improvement in the bladder
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" burg/i^ iiC.Jtom Colin CHisiiuLrr, M.D. F. R. b. &c. Author
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that the Holy Father would realize there was another man besides
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added one drop of pure glycerine. The fluid is injected
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employed in a pure state this gas may destroy germs even in a
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membranes were of normal consistence, free from any
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breaks might l)e farther in human nerves than in ncr\
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The indications, says the author, as generally given, for local anesthesia
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itself in internal organs such as the larynx or men-
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reddish-yellow discoloration, changing later to yellow, and finally to a
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epithelial lining the stomach have a tendency to form in layers
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gions above, and another loop was passed behind from
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Milk should not be used, either wholly or in part, in place of cream. Its
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have been saved had the operation been resorted to. Drs. Bogue,
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confined principally to one side of the throat, and,
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In a few cases of unilateral spasm there was a partial
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of inoculation was discoverable in two cases only, probably on account of
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larly develop the chief features of relationship. I recite
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consists in redness and slight swelling about spent.
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or both upper lobes and that the different lesions are of different age
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us that the fulfilhnent of these conditions might in some cases
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for, and proving, if possible, that it is due to want of
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-which we have now specially to consider is that which originates within
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.5, 1897. When he was examined in a sitting position, the
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While this patient had all the earmarks of a nephritic, it is
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become invaded by the typhogenic germs, and permits of the necessary
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three cases of fracture of the neck of the humerus with dislocation of the
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the ninetieth year of his age. He was, as was observed
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treated by some practitioners. Without regarding the gene-
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assumed the title of Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, and styled