Syllabus of Obstetrical Lectures in the Medical Department
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fifty-two beautifully colored lithographs illustrative of as many diverse
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all periods from the time of birth until after puberty.
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The degree, and the rhythmic expansile character of the pulsation are
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common by far in large cities than in rural districts, and in European
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ing, feels the cervix, not projecting into the vagina, but rather
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Clinical Pathology. T. J. Horder. $3.00. Oxford University Press.
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in the region of the liver would all, hoAvever, point to this afi"ection.
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ever, be tearing or dragging in character. Its intensity is not a safe in-
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follows a fright or traumatism it may develop quickly. There are two
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characteristic signs and distressing symptoms, the latter being the results
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— a systolic sound in the leg, somewhat resembling a heart-sound, but
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efforts to control her nervous organism. To this end she should also be
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reasoning powers, coupled with an honest desire to do his best,
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the feet by hot bottles, and hypodermic injections of nitroglycerin,
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smooth surface. ~ strips only, leaving a bleeding erosion.
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bones, a shallow groove usually being produced in the line of the costo-
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Conversely, a person with marked vascularity of the face, and a rosy
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by habit, diet, and an aperient pill if needed. Massage and electricity
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other hand, during forced respiration nothing is audible, as a rule, except
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dren is not to be recommended in this afl'ection, both because of its
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are the etiology, pain in the right hypochondriac region — particularly
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foot-drop, so that in walking the foot is dragged along the ground. In
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ease, although in cases accompanied by intense congestion in which the
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be temporary, as in the curable primary diseases, or permanent, as in
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more evident Avhen the interstitial exudation is abundant and when in-
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teric, and sometimes the thoracic vessels are completely surrounded by
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diabetic coma. Diacetonuria is found to occur in certain acute diseases
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polyuria, go to show that it is of nervous origin. It is true that the
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well as for its undoubted efficacy. The application of the faradic cur-
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Treatment. — Apart from anodynes, operative measures are alone
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latory system — in coronary disease, fibroid and fatty myocardial change,
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the primary source of hydatid disease, and the preparing of food where
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to the direction of the vessels the embolus most frequently enters the
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burden of elimination to the other kidney and to effect the change