The blood is alkaline in reaction. ' Tbe blood is acid in reaction.

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He had made experiments with various anesthetics, and

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portion of the technic detailed below has already been

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inoculations of guinea-pigs. The predisposing causes of this

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Procedure.— MeasvLTB out 100 c. c. of the decolorized sample (de-

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in animals given paraldehyde and kept on the operating table, with a

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gaged hand, when the image is at once seen in the hand-

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a clinic but this little equipment is essential. A room must be pro-

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such subjects as food adulteration, water filtration, and

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come his appetite fi>r raw flesh, than to learn him to speak. The love of the excitement

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that he might serve the country in its hour of need. I present to you

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point of great importance in surgical practice, since, in the former case, when

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such notification is a violation of professional secrecy,

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that the habit of opium smoking is greatly increasing among

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of winking the glohe moves to a slight degree hackward or forward. In

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Medical practice act, 373; medical college law, 375; medical

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juice. This coagulum (myosin e, Kiihne) forms a white but

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the Elast Indies does not occur as often as appears to be generally supposed.

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slightest suffusion. "We have subsultus, therefore, occurring in two very

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noted, and any associated movements of the face or liml)s observed.

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should be taken in the preparation of food to insure

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that the first attack alters the blood or tissues in such a

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say that this paper contained all essential matter and was, moreover, much