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as a rule, not more than from 3 to 8 are found to a cover-slip. During

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In such a case the muscles on the convex side are not doing

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meets the approval of the actual practitioner, for it is the use of medicines, and

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defect or e.^eess of normal growth ; while the oilier, in

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I SUPPOSE one who has been interested most of his life

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I shall next give some cases of syphilitic obliterating arteritis in which

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placed to this account that belongs merely to disgust;

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regarding such matters as supply priorities for medical units,

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Cardiology Hematology/Oncology Neonatology Pulmonology Neonatology Developmental Psychology

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cient to form the whole into the consistence of a plaster.

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present in a case of chorea may be due to actual valvular lesions, to

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Drs. Maudsley, Blandford, and Rogers, though entitled to

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obstruction of the branches of the basilar artery Avhich supply the oculo-

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occurred to me in Dispensary practice under circumstances in

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time sufficiently advanced to warrant my making the general propo-

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tions may also accompany the development of uterine fibro-

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asphyxia caused a diminution of the irritability of

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that the average duration of fatal diarrhoea was about sixteen

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in the forms I have studied, I am inclined to believe that the median and ulnar

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We are glad to be able to offer our congratulations as well to Dr. Cope-

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many cases of other diseases ; more than "5 per cent, of sugar in the

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same cause, and the nervous system becomes helplessly pros-

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[ wrong. (See ' Ann. d'Hyg.' 1833, vol. 2, p. 357 ; 1834, vol. 2, p. 94.)

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gome of these causes may induce partial palsy; but others are

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Dr. Henry Kennedy had no experience in the matter brought before

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as I have, in very many cases, spent hours in various manip-

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with pus and granulation tissue. The caries, which was ext^n-

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Royal Orthopasdic Hospital which has appeared in your