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my hopes for their well-being and the success of the Association.

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didate for Central Vice-President, will lecture to the horseshoers of

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brand ought to be uniform, and that the most practical plan is to

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annual session, 1898, of the State Veterinary Medical Association was held.

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phoid bacillus, once in the milk, finds it a splendid soil for its

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longed congestion of the renal tissues. 3. Pregnancy.

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Here again we find ourselves in difficulties not dissimilar to those in con-

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vance our profession a great deal if they were universally adopted.

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with its neck inside a pint goblet and the lever slowly raised the koumiss will come

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at the next meeting, September 6, 7, and 8, 1898, at Omaha.

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granulations in the fissures and on the pons, is softened in the depth

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origin. Take him to the microscope, and let him see trichinae ;

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eases, like typhoid, which often end in death, the spleen is generally

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sterilized jar and sent to thp Veterinary Department of the University of

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treated according to the rules of common sense and the requirements of the

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also been added to by a very valuable collection of pathological preparations

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be allowed upon these premises until six months after the last hog has

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appliances for handling. Pasteurizing, and delivery of milk, insure

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orrhage;" A. H. Krull, "Influenza;" W. G. Huyett, "Pulmonary Em-

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habit to the laymen, and one that the laity believe the veterinarian should

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In our clinic to Sept. 20, 1915, seventy-one splenectomies have been

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virus, the potency of which is so r^ulated by tie following method

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teclinic for sterilizing everything that comes in contact

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and after walking upon it in this way for a little more than a

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was retained in splints during two months; union took place, and it

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Concerning the results of Dieckerhoff's treatment for azoturia,.

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periences of a military life as a veterinarian, but, tiring of the lack

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dehorns in a proper and humane manner need have much fear of

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science from time immemorial, and the ordinary observer has a

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amount, but is what will neutralize a given quantity of diphtheria toxin

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multiply good legislation in every direction ^and make Illinois the

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at the apex through a small opening ; the second and most