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readers how frequently German writers, probably from want
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about blood coagulation. At the same time he strongly con-
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century. Dr. Archer cites a Chinese work, Teou-tchin-fa, or
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and ahalf guineas, athrming that it was of their own make, which 1
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don ; Mr. H. W. Husbands, Bedford ; Mr. L. F. Hill, London. (1) Mr.
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in the Croonian lectures delivered before this College in 18S6 :
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The sporozoa of short-lived animals, such as rabbits, would
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National School of Handicrafts for Destitute Boys at Chertsey
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the cause of death. The result was that the number of un-
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surface was exposed, from which blood slowly exuded. For
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in the softening and excavation stage. The disease was uni-
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lore Districts, is posted to duty in the Rangoon District, Madras com-
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spects. These are some of the facts of three years ago ; it is
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commoner and, at the same time more dangerous, misconcep-
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and so presumably had some heart disease, and he said he
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«ime sitting. Tiie stitches were removed on the 19th, .ind the patient
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ciitheter alter a natural act of micturition, and no catheter has been used
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Lord Mayor, you will have received copies of the resolutions passed
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care and cleanliness are practised at the Villette slaughter-
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nothing but condemnation for the practice, and we agree
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generil weakness Phe could scarcely stand, nnd couM not. raise her
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At the annual meeting of the Suffolk General Hospital,
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endorsed "Assistant to the Medical Officer of Health," to be addressed
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which has been kindly promised by the present possessors.
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Journal for April, 1864. The first case he tried it on was that of
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recorded by Dr. Bristowe, and which I believe illustrate a
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in number, and relate chiefiy to the blood of the rabbit, and'
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four fails to do so are both equally free from lecithin. The
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the case of Alabaster and Others v. the Medical Battery