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not unknown. Dr. Dearden of Manchester I'eported the case of two dippers, each

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increased frequency of defsecation. This must be distinguished from

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Perspirations were absent in one tenth of the cases in which there were

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formed — she turns her head a little one side, like a person listening

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kinds have been employed. Ligature of the thyroid arteries, division or

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learn again the movements by the aid of vision ; gradual transitions from

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are few in number Radcliffe-Crocker found electrolysis effectual ; in another

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maywith great benefit to chest and back be concavely curved upwards, as then

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gums. Where there are no teeth there is no blue line, and where work

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inflammations appear to be more amenable to mercury and the iodides than

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dentifrice should be daily used with the tooth brush, especia:lly at night,

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garments, toys for children, tobacco-pouches, etc. In the factories where

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sarcomata, and above all things in the fact that they, are not malignant.

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tions, says — '< Dr. Harvey tells us a story of an apothecary who gave

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or bottles. For all practical purposes antidotes are useless.

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logical and chemical tests by means of which poisons may be recognised.

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It is now usual to speak of the generalised form of the disease as neuro-

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and Landois, Bokai, and others, on the production of hyperthermia by

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the one side and the tips of tlie four remaining lingers on the other, and a pi'ocess

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other hand the pulsations in the arteries of the ear, the muscle sounds, and

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the storage and conveyance of drinking-water is still common. New lead

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of sulphuretted hydrogen. Some of this waste is taken and mixed with water;

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dehghtful in summer, i.e. during the northern winter, the heat never being

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pains in the chest, and gastro-intestinal disturbance are the most common

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after death other than the presence of some of the poison in the stomach.

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the circulation. A little over one gramme when taken by the mouth will

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crystallises. The crystals have to be subsequently broken up by the

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weeks after the appearance of the initial manifestation, and that the

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bite of serpents. Torrey, Eaton, Bigelow,.Wood, Michaux, and Will-

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in that town, who became unconacioualy charged with electricity at the

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the family consent to examine the body. A regard to science seems,

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No substance with which man has been furnisiied by the bountiful band

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seen elsewhere. The bacilli are caught in the sinuses, or brought thither

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p Hardwick, and Kendall, of Sterling. The following is a list of the

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may become purulent. Sometimes they dry up and disappear, but they

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chceta dentum, by growing them on potato gelatine, and by so doing has

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ordinarily of sliort continuance, and is succeeded by infrequent riespiratjon,

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used to squint ; both eyes are stronger than the left was."

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