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knowledge of both the physical and medical side of their subject.
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monia, ten of which were fatal (34"48 per cent.). In at least
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more especially in the pyloric portion of the stomach, and also
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to this branch of the subject, we can state that we have known out-
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and progressive paralysis, on the one hand, and neuroses, on the other. According
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examinations, and in the absence of agreement among pathologists.
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arrested and disappears, the permanent injury to the lungs may lead to
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r A full size bottle of either Elixir will be sent to any Physician by express prepaid on receipt of $1.00.
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rest ; or it may be one which is so exaggerated as to
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rence of the crisis. They vary in number from day to day during the
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advocacy of the suprapubic operation as the cutting
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jury that the death of the deceased party was due to some other cause than
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ysmal cough. In fatal cases, pulmonary complications are
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the mahogany at our annual ban(juet. I believe that here is the
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occupy the scrotum — these facts lead to a strong presumption that the child has
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After substantially eliminating in this way the effects of the varying
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jhe same plan. Saxeby had been only nine weeks ill, when he
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the waste products of digestion that have lost 97 per cent, of their
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