pulse : but it did not restore consciousness. ' I left her in that state between
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and Clinical Surgery ; W. O. Roberts, M. D., Surgical
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M. Hayem,^ in an elaborate paper on the amyloid degeneration
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will sooner or later come to these parts, and our progno-
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Sec 5. That no person, whether ownei-, mnnagcM-, keeper of, agent, bartender,
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prior to coming under observation a slight bronzing of the
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regular medical attendant of Count Cinchon, introduced
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difficulty in masticating its food for a few days prior to death,
of eleven days, with one of 3 c.c. of blood containing the same para-
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These I buried, and closed the superficial wound with the
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Sec. 11. Any university, college, or academy, that may become a
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the conviction that something more should bo done to secure the estab-
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Oct. 17. — Sixth day. During previous 24 hours, eleven ounces of urine were col-
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mation, leeches should be applied at once, and the part fomented
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drops of Paregoric therefore is not recommended for infants or very
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from the operation which, because of its added features,
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Zone) or meningitis and encephalitis (severe form m the tropics) ; (3) heat-
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adhesive plaster, in strips one inch wide, should be used. One end
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AMPAC donations of $5,000 each were given to Ken Kramer, David
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several apartments, especially those of the basement and ground-
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from some local focus in the abdominal cavity, and are therefore rightly
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women who have outlived their loveliness, are wont to regard
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or of pyo-salpinx, implied the verdict, laparotomy. We
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Sir R. D. Powell said hepatic cirrhosis associated with
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part of the world and find brothers whose methods and whose aims and ways are identical with his own.” CSMS is,
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Chorion, b. The larger absorbent extremities, the site of the placenta, c.
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in the earlier stages ; later, careful outlining of the
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thought of the possibility of passing the tip of the
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It is different in those cases where large quantities of oxalate of
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that by the operation the sphincter iridis was completely
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attack, and he maintained that, by rendering the urine alkaline it was