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general tonics — arsenic, lecithin, and glycerophosphates. In chronic cases

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fibroids, and to cure many chronic inflammatory conditions in

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constituted three perfectly distinct classes of cases, and

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also this variety of kidney-disease (granular degeneration or in-

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coronary angiography, ECHO, lung scan (and other scans at

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Bastianelli and Bignami describe a case of malarial infection in which

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original copy of the Code of Ethics of the American Medical

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is slight pyrexia, but often the temperature is normal throughout the illness.

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wards, and somewhat anteriorly into the cavity of the

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cerebellar area ; dura under pressure, white and thick. 'Jnd stage 9 days after; some positive

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Distoma hepaticum (fasciola hepatica). Bilharzia hsematobia.

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and still is called "migraine." He endured these attacks

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the evils it is vaunted to cure. But we all ought to know that

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temperature. In these gangrene frequently set in, and

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that the longer the interval between the meal taken

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that 8:30 A. M., 2 and 7:80 p. M., be observed as the hours of commencing

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proved to restore active nutrition, and with it a suspension of

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Apply a tight ligature above the bite. Remove the bitten

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Abraham Bosse's etching of 1635 illustrates one of the commonest therapeutic measures