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of St. Georg-e's Hospital, addressed to a pupil who pulled out his watch
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radical and t'je expectant methods of treatment; he did not
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To tlie President and Fellows of the Connecticut Medical Sockty :
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weight under the use of sugar and a mixed diet, while the diabetic
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vita pr.x-ter naturam." And undoubtedly this conceinion
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that the persons of this do not possess in common with them.
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nothing else of importance was found. The stomach and its con-
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the mere sudden loss of function in a limited portion of brain-tissue (as
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life, the death in this instance being caused by pyaemia.
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carried to the central nervous system and transformed into
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dial, because its administration was impracticable. In hun-
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acute fevers. In certain forms of anaemia there has been
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of the patients admitted for malaria had the disease previously
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has remained in excellent health ever since, as a letter
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phenolsulphonephthalein by the kidneys shows an abrupt reduction.
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ment of the efficient and valuable service and aid rendered
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.liid onchalf percent, die ill llic fiisl lour d.iys and nearly' sivly three per cei.i
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taries secure a hundred per cent membership in every county. We
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The necessity for lunatic asylums and lunacy commissioners
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State any pauper child whose mentality appears to be under the normal
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The hitter sometimes continue to be found for some time after
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shaped spaces on which epidermic plates are piled. The lines are thinned
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degree, dependent on the general tone of the physical consti-
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thoroughly enjoyable. Before beginning such a life, patients almost
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degree of Dhysician involvement, which is greater than would
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of a change of air ; but while he was making up his mind to so serious a
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from the pancreas to the bone, or to another organ not
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for years, and who have served their apprenticeship
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like the petals of an opening flower (Trousseau), and the fontanelles and
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in reference to these cases, any injury to the child occurring in a
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fluid may be assisted by pressing once or twice upon the back. (Signed)- —
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all the writers upon the subject, as evinced by his fre-
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During the last four days, he has vomited every night, four hours after dinner, that
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is in good shape at the present time for going through.
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former, and the editor has added much matter of in-
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terms by residence at Durham, and has passed both the final
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Brown, B. W., passed assistant surgeon, granted leave of absence 1
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that lubricates the bowels and prevent irritation from contact
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We see another class of cases distinctly curable, and
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strength, with the aid of electricity during recovery from
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is able to show that it is justified by the number of children
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first instance, which it was alleged was improper. The medical evidence waa
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(A.) Epitheliom der recbten W<ange; vom Prof. Dittel
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Stools, Rice-water. See Cholera Asiatica— Cholera
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as in the other case : but the patient should first sit down in a decoction of astrin-
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in every normal serum, and called the alexin by the French school. After a rabbit
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statement regarding Health Care Reform which is going to
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