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proved fatal. More than one-third of the entire deaths, from all diseases, were caused

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removed from floor of orbit and from alveolar margin.

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mittent fevers. Differential points between the tertian and quartan

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Italian medical officers, who commonly attend on the sick in

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ceases to be miscible with water in any proportion : the chloroform spontar-

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probably at first sight we do not think it would affect ; and I do not think we ought to push

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points to be observed in determining this vital question are, the aspect of


Sir Fki.IX SemoN did not see why both tonsils should not be oiiitholio-

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are inadequate in the surgery of bones and joints. In spite of that we are

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tively small number of wounded testify to the thor-

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guinal glands are those most frequently affected, but

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which are frequently ulcerated. Whether the conjunc-

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deficiency of which causes this disease, are abundant in various articles

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sisUd merely of condensed connective tissue instead of peri

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more valuable. Bromide of Potash and Bromide of Ammonia, of

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with cards accredited as chronic diarrhoea — he had made j

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the controls, and in 4 cases it grew as w r ell as in the controls. While

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to Thomas Beddoes and to me — yes, even to me : " See, my friend,

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senting an oblong or squarish form, more or less curled up at the sides.

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metastases in the liver and lungs (fig. 2). All the sections present much

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mouth, accompanied by a constant grinding of the teeth, and a

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the great majority of my hearers had been so skillfully

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gives medicine. This does not excuse the ceremonies of

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poisons, such as chloroform or alcohol, the temperature is found highest on the side

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what calculation may be made to insure a possible preven-

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process of the 10th dorsal vertebra attracted attention to this part

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psychotherapy. Psychic disorders require psychic treatment, and

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Dear Sir: — I bear willing testimony to the sterling merits of

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liamson found really useful, and he feels certain of its power

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3,750,000 per cubic millimetre. The ha>moglobin was 90 per cent., and on

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incident occurring worthy of note or sufficient to excite my suspicions of

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Eidenburg. Mostly they are not fatal, and belong to Walshe's pseudo-angina ;

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phthisis. The former group includes alcohol, syphilis, mercury, lead and uric

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staphylococci have been demonstrated in the conjunctival sac,

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M" :lio pericanliiini, is one atrecti«»!i. falk-'l prricardi-

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hundred physicians from this State, besides some dis-

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The following, offered by Bellevue Hospital Medical Col-

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a slight increase, or the cases with a great increase. It would be safe to con-

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be improved by the use of alcohol, but digitalis, strophanthus, or caffeine

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coppera-, he did not, until the lapse of a week or two,