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The >maller t(irni> may resemble morpli(ilii>,'ii.all\ the ^roup of Jipli-

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after operation, followed by apparent recovery, but later a chronic

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'nephritis remains. The frequency of nephritis varies much in different

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placed under these two opposite conditions of the respiratory organs being very

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caused by the hypodermic injections of the drug. There were innumerable

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parts necessarily results. This disease is probably closely if not patho-

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injection of phloridzin ; right, twenty-five minutes. Both kidneys

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hospitals than in private practice among the better classes of society, a fact

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but the laboratory of the Health Department is open to the physicians

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Transference of bands of the biceps has been performed with

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true trypanosomes ; but in 1905 he stated that the spirochsete-like forms which

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endeavour to pick out the positive features of the face which

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deduction of empirical from mur»* general truths."

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able discomfort, tlie disease, in most cases, is trivial. In the way of treat-

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provision for the inspection and treatment of children before

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These figures are far from according with my own experience.

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These fixed ideas obviously border upon insanity ; moreover marked

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* Musser and Kelly, Hand-Book of TrealmerUf Philadelphia, vol. iv, 1917.

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strengthening of the pulse; the slowing of the pulse,

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to Xovember 8 the medicine was changed for mx. of the

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stance of the brain are found to contain more than the

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quality of provisions that the fiendish rebels give our men ; and

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quoted in the Oxford Dictionary and in the Dialectic Dictionary

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navo protoka. |6n the changes in the eve after tying

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which could not yet be expressed in any known terms ;

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bri may be clue to a neglect of septic precautions.

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possible to rouse him. In vain warm cataplasms were applied to

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which all traces of the poison are eliminated from the system it

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and to stretch the flaps and to bring them together, while the

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Medical Department. — Professors of Clinical Medicine : Dr.

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combat I think that is doubtful. But he was a born reformer of