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cases the serum is able to carry the first-mentioned property to another
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thousand circulars were issued, but I have not been able
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during which time he had never been troubled by darkness. Lately he had
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N. J., so that the labor supply is the same in both cases. All
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themselves. In the case of the gonococcus this rule
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nal organs was most probably as high as 112° or 113° F.
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Logan, James, M.D., to the Kettering No. 2 District of the Ketter-
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locally with "weak tarry lotions, one of the best of which is Wright's
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condition, which in its pure state is a functional disorder of secretion,
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"The collection represents, one might say, a happy conjunction of the Fine Arts with the Healing Arts."
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laid out by its predecessors, this Council wishes to
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perfect form of adenoma on the border line of carcinoma ;
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down in relieving himself, and the peculiar pain in the
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and tenesmus. Reflex action is diminished or abolished,
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Jonathan Hutchinson, is summarily disposed of. Fifty
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tional Congress at Copenhagen in 1884, there was not
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time the symptoms of atropine poisoning had been so
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Graduate School, University of Pennsylvania; Ophthal-
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agitation. Well, this scandalous and almost incredible thing is
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he may do quite as well with the single tampon as I
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munology. University of Utah Medical Center at Jackson Hole.