Belper, and widow of the late Henry Mark Gale Gale, of Scruton Hall,
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Colonel, the first fifty being being placed in a separate list,
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who was the son of Dr. Robert Donaldson, was a graduate of
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Surgp.on-Caotain and Honorary Surgeon-Major E. Lister, 1st Volunteer
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this Bill become law. Professional men on entering the
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air chamber, with disconnecting siphon trap, or an air-inlet disconnect-
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ford ; Mr. C. W. Tliorp, Todmorden ; Dr. J. S. Tew, Nottingham ; Mr.
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did not seem to have materially increased in size during the-
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ated at the service, but h* was not compelled to return the
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chants, etc. In several places, he said, the registrars were
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which are being taken by the authorities antecedent to the
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the side, taken by itself, was not of great value, and it also
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tribute to the skilful nursing which is now the rule in London workhouse