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forwarded to the Council of Constantinople, who shall refer it to the

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ness and " pins and needles," coupled with a deadness and a sensation

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the State and National associations, to cement the union of

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the diminution of the cutaneous reflexes over the anesthetic area of the hysteric;

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well known learning, experience, and discriminating care of the author, who

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extensors, which straighten the fingers and hand, thus antagonizing

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of the products, however, have but slight toxicity and are readily dis-

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the ear-drums, which are due to the pressure either externally or from

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streptococci in the affected joints, so that these condi-

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extending over three to five or more weeks. These changes are

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larynx, and tonsils. Still rarer are instances of genital, rectal, and con-

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diagnosis of Bxight's disease has repeatedly been made by means of

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and its value doubted by even the officials of the asylum, as they were

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it, the inflammation itself having disappeared, never to

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'' Dermatic '' Soap contains no animal fats, and none but the very best

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handled it very roughly for the purpose of putting it in.

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John M. Glasgow, M.D., University of Iowa, Iowa City,

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physiologist, such as M. Billard, should countenance such an

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sible to insert the catheter without using undue force. The wound is now loosely

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agree with him that the subject must be taken up by a com-

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many cases where at first it was impossible to enter the bladder with

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It was this theory that induced the celebrated Baron

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same ring and an elastic band is placed around this to keep it in

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