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have been expected to have been exposed to the teach-

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that the origin of the lesion was not the original fracture — for example, pressure

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VII. The Predisposing Causes of Aneurism. A Statistical Inquiry. By

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in person whenever practicable, or by a telephone that is

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meet the physician’s practice needs. This may include contact

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accompanif.d with Injiavimation of the Genito- Urinary Mucous Membranes.

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numerically consecutive order, not alphabetically. Personal communications and

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class of Bennett Medical College, Chicago, at the Annual Commencement, May 24, 1910.

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tion hinges on, considering the double jeopardy that

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A long chapter is devoted to amputations, which number 61 with 16

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1885.] Hamilton, The Predisposing Causes of Aneurism.

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and there was no fever ; but, after a few days, he became feverish, and other

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Bernays, Dr. A. J., Notes for Students in Chemistry,

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Drug-resistant strains of the bacterium developed be-

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the navy medical officers that equality with the army

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once. Renew:d bUmk is enclosed for this purpose. Kindly always renew promptly.

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sation and finally paralyzing it (both auricles and ventricles) in diastole.

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In the treatment of hemorrhoids (there being no indication as to

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numerically consecutive order, not alphabetically. Personal communications and

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backgrounds in the fields of social work, psychology,

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didates for Parliamentary honours, the necessity for

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arteries. This liquid, after circulating through the capillaries and veins,

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nary monsters of childhood, but from the real-life adults

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upon which a referendum is held as provided in Article IV of

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"It has often been asserted to me with reference to an idiotic child under ex-

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can Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and the

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disease in the infants, although in several moderate to

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the hepatic lesions. Nevertheless, it is of importance to know in advance to

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the ideally successful treatment of gout since the days of the renowned

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with results more satisfactory than could have been anticipated ; certainly

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Clinical experience and pathological specimens, however, tend to prove

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work of assisting a medical man into Parliament, our

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period of two weeks after the death, recovery, or removal of such sick

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time.' Death flew out the back door as the Great Doctor

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Benton Adkins Jr., chairman of the Finance Committee.

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blow to this famous capsule, in admitting that that which characterizes the micro-