pathic Treatment" appeared in 1830, in four volumes. A
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and Meet-the-Professor luncheons. Sponsored by Cornell
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REVIEW (Nelson, Goldenberg), Vol. 46, No. 11, May, 1977, p. 31.
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inhale it for three or four hours a day during a month, the only
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Family History. — This was investigated as carefully as
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foci which in the course of their development coalesce with those imme-
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Stones, for instance, the physical examination is practically, nil,
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16. Dr. Charles A. Pope, St. Louis, Mo., Water, its Topical Uses in Surgery.
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Case IV. — Mrs. F., age thirty-five, telephone operator,
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the muscle fibers of the uterus, for after it has been adminis-
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coccidia, and even if they could, whence come these
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and a fall in the thermometer. This rigor was followed by others, so that,
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College of St. Come ; Jules Clement Delamotte, who was
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cases of porto-biliary and bivenous cirrhosis, and this idea agrees well with
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year, per 10,000 of population for the same period, we find during
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rotomy is an operation that should always be resorted
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forest for fuel and factories. Water, pure and sparkling,
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hemorrhages in the retinae, and, in addition, incipient cataract in one eye.