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from the Society for the Discharge and Relief of Per-
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Range — during week, 37 degrees; mean daily, 25.9 degrees.
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matter. Our correspondent must, of course, at once obey the
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time, 09 days. Same remedy applied to 8 individuals
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Morgan; Veritas; Mr. A. J. Moore; Mr. Stone; Mr. D. Kent
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kindest attention whenever his professional services were
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friction-sound was heard over the upper part of the car-
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them ; so that it was necessary to restrict her allowance.
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of Physicians are to blame in this matter; the above ex-
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Nash, George F.ranston Valentine, Royal Infirmai-y, Liverpool
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natural; and in the early part of 1862 she was again de-
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from interfering in the process of recovery, and from
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no doubt owing to the supervention of rickets, and the
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petuate. Valsalva's treatment of internal aneurisms by
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sents the appearance of limpid yellowish serum. If the
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and regulations of the General Council, and to erase the
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whom he should use it; that the poor boy was the first
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the annulling of this appointment, or the prevention in
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Beef-tea, wine, and other nutriment, were given liberally
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tissue being capable of performing its function, and be-
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tem. Such effects, indeed, are so obvious that they re-
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to be married to ^Ir. Pike, the gentleman who conducted
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was lanced, but only a little reddish serum was dis-
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hair, in addition to the ordinary sebaceous matter ;
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moved ; the colour was brought to a light clay or a^hy
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yellower, and more elevated than that of the surrounding
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any of the nutritive processes, but merely separated
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carrying out of the instructions is to be observed.
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tendance of patients and medical men in, 173 ; special
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sons than those indicated ; and the proposers of it allowed
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safely carried out. His work will, we have no doubt,
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quickly after the operation, he had found venesection
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with care for some time, and these will be probably
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of one-and-ttveiity-pe nee attend an ordinary case of confinement. I
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given expenditure of nerve-force ; a disturbance of elec-
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any difficulty, and walk about the ward. The treatment
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the fibres of the corpora restiforn.ia, as they do in the
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have been confided. We cannot offer the plea of forget-
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diastase, and liquor of kreatine, or juice of flesh, all con-
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herent layer of lymph, but the adhesions easily sepa-
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ful effects of an infusion which they had swallowed