scess of the bronchial glands, and ulceration of the oesophagus or stomach,
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bent upon a large country practice.' An exhausting diarrhoea or an ab-
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vesicular element to the tympanitic note in emphysema never found in
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be also decreased in force and frequency, but to no such great extent, the
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nectomy, for the removal of pieces of bone or foreign bodies pressing
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sac formed of this inflammatory tissue. In other cases, the blood may
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lating fluids into the tumor, such as perchloride of iron or a strong solu-
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of the hemorrhage when blood flows only at the time of micturition, and
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less swelling of the inguinal glands in the immediate neighborhood.
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character. Those cysts arising from the ovary are probably the result
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the affected area, adjusting vertebrae, ribs, clavicles, relaxing contracted
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changes underlying these grosser ones were brought to light, pathologists
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in three varieties, hard, soft, and colloid. The hard variety is
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plastic arteritis occurs in the healing of an artery in an open wound,
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colored foeces are the rule in acute atrophy. In typhoid, tho urine is
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cedes the development of cancer of the lungs. It may be secondary to car-
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testinal ulcers is almost inseparable from that of enteritis (q. v.), its symp-
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iodide of iron as the most efficacious drug. Our first efforts should be to
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Gonococci, diplococcus intercellularis, and bacillus typhosus stain well
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the thirst. If the tympanitis is excessive, it may be relieved by aspiration,
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The action of drugs, spices and alcohol is best explained on this basis. In-
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or upon the surface of the enlarged tonsils and swollen mucous membrane
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of the viscera, etc., which lead to constipation and the use of purgatives.
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tion. This can best be done, first, by thorough and exhaustive suction
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ease by the use of quinine. I rarely have administered arsenic in simple
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and pectoral muscles beneath. It ulcerates early and the lymphatic
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cumbs within two or three. As death approaches, the pulse rapidly grows
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there is an abundant serous effusion, iodide of potassium in large doses
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cases, the delay and danger Avhicli attend such an attempt ai'e hardly justi-
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bulged, or torn by the blood- current. A rupture of the mitral valves will
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aseptic treatment. Infections may be prevented, and if they arise,
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lished that such an hypertrophy occurs, but the explanation of its cause
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Two-thirds of the eases occur in pr('<,Miant females, between tlie a^'es of
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and chronic in duration. Chronic bronchitis is very often associated with
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spirits of nitre, maybe given, if their administration will quiet the anxiety
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Within the first twenty-four hours after the chill the temperature may
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in many instances,— the vessels being rendered more permeable.
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on the cheeks. The obstruction of the vessels of the gastric mucous mem-
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cases there will be found lesions accounting for the conditions present.
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employed for its destruction. 3. Astringents to prevent an extension of
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glands early take part in the cancerous development, and the oral cavity
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The diagnosis of this accident rests on the tympanitic percussion sound
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clavicular region. Some speak of a feeling of greater solidity below than
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Morbid Anatomy. — The whole heart is soft, flabby, friable, and of a dirty