delayed two or three weeks. The prognosis in any case is to a great extent

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lesion of this disease. A more or less abundant sero-fibrinous or sero-

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conditions gives rise to indigo-blue. The extractives are certain volatile

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is nearly always a dry process. The tissues show no evidence of establish-

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ulceration advances in other places. The scars which result from the

side affects of clindamycin

the administration of tonics, cod-liver oil especially. The treatment of can-

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tion no one should be allowed to touch any septic object and then touch

allergic reaction to clindamycin

Cerebral Abscess. — In the formation of a cerebral abscess, the symp-

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Prognosis. — The prognosis in lobular pneumonia is determined almost

clindamycin and side effects

ments of bronchial tissue. Some cases of this form of bronchitis are at-

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sometimes met with in the cellular tissue of the surface and along the line

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In order to study the life history of the different known organisms, pure

clindamycin bronchitis

about 1.010, and contains albumen. The amount of the albumen increases

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practitioners would do much more harm than good were they to attempt to

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eral arterial disease, as distinct from any renal disease, is fully accepted.

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Prognosis. — The cure of hypertrophic nasal catarrh depends upon the

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There is no remedial agent wliich requires greater care and judgment in

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membrane. They commence by the formation of soft, non-umbilicated

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from local or general causes in from six months to two years.

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glottis ; these swellings, after meeting in the centre, with a sulcus between

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tissue. In some cases of circumscribed empyema the fluid portion of the

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occurred around thelai-ynx and in the stomach, than upon the oesophagitis.

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blood being expectorated. Orthopncea is a rare symptom, for even in ex-

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coagulation of the blood will follow. Cases of good results from this

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varieties, specific and non-specific. The latter is also called symptomatic.

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the lodgment of foreign bodies in the nostril. It is frequently observed in

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It may develop as the result of a strumous or phthisical diathesis, or follow

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is usually inclined to the affected side, and there is more or less con-

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