as in measles, would in fact suggest that disease, and must be differen-
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converted into a soluble carbohydrate before it can be ab-
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those of a slight bronchial cough, which has a tendency to be more pro-
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thesia ; a slow, followed by a more rapid though variable, pulse ; irregu-
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or twelfth day of the disease. It consists of distinct, rose-colored, and
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first, water and plenty of it; second, semi-starvation, — not
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that this leucocytosis continues one-half hour after the bath. Its
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temperature of the conjunctiva; warmth diminished it. In a case of
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Cheese and nuts bring out the flavor of sherry, port, and
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is changed to dextrin, and some of it is even converted into caramel, or
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There is at present quite a fad going around, especially among
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secondary infection, and, at all events, they do not belong peculiarly to
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febrile diseases, not only in fevers, depending upon heat retention, but
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quency of this disease (Buchanan), and, on the other hand, mountainous
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patients or the operator by clumsy management, the chief disadvantage
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the effect of cold hip baths (50°-G3°). They do not produce exces-
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mental, so as to secure tranquillity of the mind and perfect rest
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there. The temperature may be slightly elevated, but is rarely high,
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The Council ]iassed a resolution asking the .Militia and Defence
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greatly enhanced by this procedure, if it is resorted to daily or at least
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cated two degrees higher, although both were carefully taken for five
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enthusiast. When, however, for some known or unfathomable reason,
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water of from 50° F. to 80° F., according to the effect aimed at. The
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symptoms in the latter disease the patient is very restless and morose ;
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wait too long, adhesions occur, the patient's strength wanes, and when
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spine and epigastrium being added and the fan douche reduced to 50° as a stim-
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a dry, yellowish-Avhite, cheesy substance, in which condition it may
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however, has the disease been widely known in Europe and America, and
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contractions, corresponding to 3,603 kgm. of work, yielded under the