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day the entire mass had sloughed out, and the woman has quite

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of the case I had the valuable assistance of Dr. George Kennedy.

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shoulder, treated on the expectant plan. The small mortality of less

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and a member of the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons,

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generation of the heart, pernicious progressive amvmia,

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not fincoramon to see the mother of a large family still beau-

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embolus, the normal consistence may be restored after the re-establish-

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certain at what period he ceases to be infectious. Convalescent children

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latest stages, and to the last the adjacent skin remains healthy.

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7. Among the lesions of vision in this disease cataract is noticed ; but

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that the occurrence of shock in operations in advanced

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deformity itself which causes the patient to seek ad-

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That, in their opinion, the need of a reform is evident and

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toms which occur in inflammatory softening involving the whole thick-

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jaundice ftill manifefts itfelf, and renders the convalefcence

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obstruction of the branches of the basilar artery Avhich supply the oculo-

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can exist in the spleen of persons who show no sign of fever or malarial

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passed successively before the patient recovers from the anaesthetic.

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two lips; anterior third of body with scale-like, tridentate spines, which

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cases where the pulse falls below 60 per minute, or,

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Stevens (1907). Annals of Tropical Medicine, i. 551. :

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fossa, elevating the whole viscus and prostate from the

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slightly everted, displacing the mucous membrane, and a catheter,

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that an animal possessing it has extra nervous power. Indeed,