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We have received this famous Anti-Tobacco Lecture which has
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to have every ward in a separate one-storied pavilion."
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cases of extensive diffuse peritonitis treated in this man-
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Dr Ninian Bruce, Dr John Murray — Dr Brown of Skene Square —
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examination decides the fate of the applicants. Dr. Allis
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whose influence over intermittent fever is indisputable, ranked
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dency, she is extremely liable during the time of her confinement to be
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my son Robert is chosen into Parliament I Cancel this debt."
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disease, Dr. Graves of those arising from intestinal disorder.
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Rub up the quinine and acid, which latter should be evenly distributed
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47. Hydrops Amnii. — Dr. Chas. J. Euan, Assistant-Surgeon Grey's Hospi-
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swallowing ; tongue better ; no giddiness ; for two days swell-
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of variola in the successive stages of the disease, also
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must commend themselves for pretty general adoption.
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periuiii. a carbuncle, an empyema, malignant endtwurditis,
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This increases gradually, all the muscles are thrown into a state of fixed
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early in the morning of Feb. 11 th; was admitted into Hospital in