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tinuous stream and is blue or purplish-red in color.

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purpose of accurately apposing the surfaces. The quilled suture is no

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selves to cold. All localities where attacks of spasmodic asthma are liable

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developed emphysema, as well as atelectasis, may occur as the result of

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The Diversities, the names, the natures, ^nd the properties. Date 1576. Re-

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large size of the liver leaves no doubt in the diagnosis. The liver is exces-

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ation. A syphilitic ulcer is long and oval or irregular in shape, while can-

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fenestrated rubber tube may be serviceable in establishing drainage

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oedema, attended by great dyspnoea and lividity, may demand wet cups and

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discharges from the bowels are bloody ; while in cholera they are never

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along the attachment of the psoas magnus muscle, forms a cavity in

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Acute Lobar or croupous pneumonia or pneumonitis is an acute general

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of the chair, with the knee in the axilla. The knee is used as a ful-

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bnlesin Chronic Gastritis. ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^j^^ ^^^^ degeneration will in-

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2. Sayre's dressing is very successful, especialty in children, as it

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is thoroughly stretched by flexing the foot. The tendon will snap in

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may not be obtained until the bone is laid bare and a piece chiseled

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hours, but for one or two days, and afterward the house should remain

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always regular in rhythm; — the radial impulse is felt a little after the apex-

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the nutrition to compact bone, will result in its death.

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Warm poultices may be applied over the region of the glands for some time

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and hydropericardium, — all may be mistaken for a thoracic aneurism.

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tive tissues, setting up an ulcerative process. There may be several

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hoemoptysis is the ushering-in symptom of acute tubercular pneumonia.

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flex the thigh upon the abdomen. In case of fracture of the lower

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than in adults. It is developed during the j^rogress of caries of the cervical

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is located, together with a careful consideration of the condition of

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but in tetanus the mind is clear throughout, there is no fear of liquids,

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First. — Mild tyjihoid fever, in which the symptoms are all mild.

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liver is usually fatal, although some mild cases may get well of them-

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