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Other Species. — Chrithoptes monunguiculosus, Tarsonemus uncinatus, T.

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An autopsy was made eight and a half hours after death, with the fol-

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more active than ferrous sulphate. This latter, as also chloride of zinc,

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ment. Palpitations also were readily caused by any surprise, lasting for about fifteen

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paralysis the lesion may have implicated the posterior longitudinal

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tions of the spinal cord from a case of very early preataxic

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Causation and description. — Bnpia is described as beginning with flat

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of the sometimes more attractive methods of surgical interference.

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or less extensive membraniform shreds. Pathologically the conditions

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uniform half-coagulated mass, generally of a livid or darker color

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the choice of the anesthetic is a matter of great moment. A

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