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very difficult, and blunt dissection inapplicable. The edge of the knife
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tions now considered as typhoid fever w^hich are really of another nature ;
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KuHX (Ibid.) replied that in this case in both eyes there was choked disk,
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afterward, the patient, as a rule, stands a much better chance in a later
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the Address in Surgery by Harry Gilbert Barling, B. S.,
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Beer — Water. 3.8 seconds. "I never drank any beer;
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will be seen filling the urethra at this point. The
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of the prostatic urethra. In the left loin a very deep sinus was seen
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7. The administration of ten grains of calomel as soon as the patient
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in France. (Gerlier: " Une epidemie de Vertige paralysant." Revue mH
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as to the utility of a skin reaction in the diagnosis
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to become uncontrollable the longer it lasts, but also to increase its range
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