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labour, the more prudent shall our conduct be." Blundell* ob-

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Laceration of the diaphragm is uncommon, but can hardly

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Uses. — Stomatitis is treated by chlorate of potassium in

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give the same friendly advice as to those who have ; i.e.— not to read it.]

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the only role that it plays in the production of appendicitis is to lower

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subcutanious sutures introduced at several sittings. A

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225. Also, in his: Op. min. [etc ], %°, N. Y., 1884, 15-21.—

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*Abstracted from Jour. Am. Med. Assn., March 4, 1916, Ixvi, 716-721.

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time, in which there is evident hepatic derangement, and in

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then spread to the ribs, the sternum, the collar-bones, the

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glenoid cavity. In the skiagram osteophytic outgrowths are seen