The following cases occurred in private practice : —
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without operation, the number is much smaller in the latter than in
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distinguished during life, but nearly the same method of treat-
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the future shall be an improvement over that of the past. They be-
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Sprague, E. K., passed assistant surgeon, granted leave of absence
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which consists essentially of an infectious catarrh of the mucous
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borne out by Kromayer, who found that the increase in the size of the
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ever, '' cool baths with cool, and subsequently cold, affusions were employed
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amemia,") as well as some of the anemias with Hodg-
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hospital since its foundation in IT-IS, only one case of acute
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its best men. If that were always done throughout the country, we should
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atmosphere in his favor. You have no idea the telling force
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as soon as possible. The value of emetine in acute dysentery was very
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chusetts (since 1907) ; many cities: Alameda, California; Asbury Park,
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serous cavities of the body ofier the most favorable opportunities for'the
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Vhompson (J. T.) Note on a case of accidental vaccinia
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colon, forced forwards and upwards into that unlooked-for position apparently
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ease. Malaria is also called " marsh-miasm," because of the abundance
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J. C. Eaton, of Springfield, left October 3 for New York
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chapel of the University of Nashville was held on Friday night, March
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time from some suppurative disease of the nose or mouth. —
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perienced no bad results. This shows, he thinks, that the
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sphincter from closing, and the urine will dribble away..
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in the methods used, and lastly opportunist in its de-
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follows a previous neuritis or "choked disk." There is also an hereditary
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2. Lewis and Benedict: Jour. Biol. Chem., 1915, 20, 61.
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Allg. Wien. med. Ztg., 1899, xliv, 463; 475.— Fer«; (C.)
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Feb. 10. She seemed somewhat relieved, and was taken before the class.
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missioners here enters largely, and very impartially, into the
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We have had much pleasure in studying the work of ISlr Soelbcrg
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instinct to a high degree, and make very good soldiers.
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15//?. A few days ago I etherized the patient, but did not succeed in
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manifestly lessoned, the swelling was reducing and the patient feeling better.