given to them all. Indeed, although veterinary pathologists until lately re-

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may enter the blood stream, there to be immediately disintegrated with toxin pro-

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liere the instructions which Scanzoni has given in regard to the subject, as

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the febrile disturbance, which from the first is high, runs on for two or three

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The remarkable diffusion of hysterical pains is often

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was commenced in small doses, and it was not until July

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from those used in enteric and scarlet cases, agar and agar-gelatin being

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he (-mbodied my views and treatment of the disease. Dur-

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for years there was something behind it which neither iron, nor

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Case II., from one cut by Dr. Kornfeld. For permission to publish

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tion, which can be continued without fatigue for a long

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of red blood-corpuscles. Bilirubin-crystals, which are derived from bih^-

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general cii'culation. The morbid matter is detained

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chloric-acid tests. To make clear the complexity of the condition, we

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tical arrangement also for some other purposes. For brevity's sake I

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The number and type of veterinary treatment and hospi-

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dently rare in these birds, for Laveran^- examined, at one time, a large num-

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Xew York 254 cases of the disease from 1896 to 1910. Louria re-

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simple matter since Pfeiffer has demonstrated that the blood serum

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upon it was that by the term "missed labour" three clinical events were

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obscure vesico-urethral diseases. The cystoscope used by

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It will be noted that the previous study had shown a higher incidence

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without local manifestation, are best treated by intra-

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an ectogenous disease. A miasmatic disease is an ectogenous

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whether the increased flow of blood into the spleen in these diseases

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water, for she said this gave her the greatest relief from coughing.

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first years of usefulness passed, that the physiology

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abdominal walls, condition of canal and obedience of instruc-

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Data from South Dakota reflect this national trend. 13

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