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forming it by oxidation with permanganate in the presence of ammonia

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information explanatory of the cause of the increased pain in the head,

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R. Johns, M. D., oj Philadelphia, in the Medical News, December 2, 1899.

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The latest edition of the Standard Dictionary, in defin-

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Dr. Charle.s Phelps, of New York county, said he agreed with

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That the actual work of revision of the Pharmacopoeia

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deformities of the chest and spine begin to be noticed more and

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1902 a. — Pronostico de los quisles hidatidicos del cerebro; complicaciones; per-

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x. — Samuel Crawford, aet. 42, employed at Chemical Works — admitted

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liver substance, which measures 7 cm. in thickness and 12 cm. in width. In the posterior

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