mixed for paint. It is supposed that she took about half a pound. Ob-

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As the states belted by the Atlantic Plain possess many features in com-

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may be thoroughly cured m two months. A shorter period is in-

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in less quantity, and some arrow root given at regular intervals.

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a child apparenfly well, which, however, died in a quarter of an hour


once it begins, is bound to remain right on the job in a

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palm rests upon the abdomen. She takes a slow, steady

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of the operations and mode of treatment employed by certain practitioners in


seen that he omits some of the more important ones, as Merck's

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pectedly induced. The other affections which Mr. Winslow brought under the

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on scars, being especially common in soldiers who have been

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intestines were seriously at fault. In almost every case, therefore, we have

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The author first adopted R&amier's operation in 1857, since

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belong to the group of tumours designated by Mr. Paget as

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or something as nearly akin to it as he could concoct

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rather delicate lady, mother of several children, who had a strong aversion

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very ordinary doctor they have heard of in the city. A

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sider these as small matters, excusable in haste or oversight; but we cannot

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past ten gave pulv. ipecac, oss, and ten minutes after the first dose gave

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grammatical inaccuracies into it. Moreover, the peculiar use of

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Strychnine should be employed as a nerve tonic or nerve-excitant

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our obstinate way, insisted our patient was no "yeggman,"

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heed. In the body there exists a certain relation between heat pro-

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considering that the individual fibres proceed from one or from